Morning Prayer Message

November 21 2021 Proper 29: Christ the King
John 18:33-37

Julian Whitney

According to Google 先生 there are only 29 monarchs. Five are absolute monarchs so the people of their monarchies have no vote. The rest are Constitutional or Parliamentary democracies; where people vote for a least some of the government.

Interestingly, Japan and the UK are listed as monarchies, so the definition includes Empresses & Emperors, Queens & Kings.

There are 195 countries in the world so about 15% of the world have monarchs, and a much smaller percentage of people live under a monarchy. Sorry I couldn’t do the maths on that one! The calculations would have taken me in 2022!

For most of us, living as we do in democracies, the idea of a monarchy seems remote, even archaic – that is too say old-fashioned, something from the past .

Some of us enjoy watching or reading about the latest headlines about the Imperial Family; the departure of the former Princess Mako to work at The Met. in New York.

Others with NETFLIX enjoy watching ‘The Crown’ a dramatisation of the life of the British Royal Family.

However, we are fortunate to live in democracies where we vote for whom we believe to be best able to represent us nationally and internationally.

Sadly, our ‘Kings’ do not keep their promises and fail in their duties; look at COP 26, or as I call it COP-out 26-2 as China & Russia failed to attend!

They had two weeks to save God’s greatest gift to us, his Creation of Earth. Did they do it? Of course not! They continue to put economy over environment. This means that our grandchildren will have a very small chance of “earth as it is in heaven.”

I recently heard a very interesting Sermon on ‘dominion’. The Reverend contrasted ‘domination’ – ABSOLUTE RULE, with ‘dominion’ – A PLACE OVER WHICH ONE HAS THE RESPONSIBILITY TO PRESERVE.

I can do my best to help save this world by collecting and recycling rubbish, but only our politicians, our ‘Kings’ can effect real change to make, “earth as it is in heaven.” But they WON’T!

So, although I am not a monarchist, Christ as ♬“King of Kings, and Lord of Lords…”♫ seems to be a jolly good idea!

I also like to think of Christ as my friend; (Please see “Footprints”)

Now I understand that Christ is my friend, and my King-of-Kings. He will rule his peaceful dominion on earth as it is in Heaven.